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It goes without saying that women’s dress shoes are not necessarily designed with comfort in mind. However, women can use the following practices to keep their feet healthier and more comfortable both during work and after hours.

  • Consider shoes with cushioned soles if you wear dress shoes.
  • Compare the shape of your foot and the shape of the front of the shoe. Choosing shoes that better match the shape of your foot will create less pinching.
  • Lower your heel height by even an inch, which will make a big difference.
  • Do lots of stretching for your calf muscles if you’re active in sports. Lean against a wall with one foot forward and one foot back. This is especially important if you wear high heels at work, since your calf muscle undergoes shortening and will be over-stressed once it is placed in a lower sports shoe.
  • Consider using insoles, which can add a lot of cushioning to your shoes. The insoles can be trimmed to fit a dress shoe and can also be shortened to reach just the ball of your foot so they don’t make the toe box area of the shoe too tight.
  • Wear good quality running shoes or walking shoes; this will make shopping, prolonged walks or your journey to and from work more comfortable.
  • Slip your shoes off, do some circles with each foot and up-and-down motions with your toes while sitting at your work desk, which will enable your feet muscles to relax and stretch.

Shoes, however, are not always the cause of women’s foot problems. Mechanical imbalances can create problems such as bunions, heel pain, arch pain and hammertoes. The causes of your foot problems should be evaluated and corrected by a foot nurse and referrals made as necessary.

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