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We focus on Delivering Quality and Hygienic Treatments that are good for you!


We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are offered a safe and sterile treatments. By following Health Canada’s Best Practice Safety Standards for Medical Reprocessing, all instruments used for foot care are sterilized by autoclave, packaged in sets and sealed for your protection. To eliminate the risk of cross contamination, all surfaces and treatment areas are cleaned and disinfected between clients. The sealed pouches are only opened by the Foot Nurse at the start of each service.


Sterilizing medical instruments in autoclave. Equipment for sterile cleaning of working medical instruments

Our obsession with cleanliness can further be deduced from the sinks we use for our add-on manicures and pedicures. What this translates into is that when clients dip their feet into our pedicure spas to relax, they can thoroughly and truly relax knowing that their feet will not be contaminated by the residue left over from the previous customer’s pedicure.  Double-dipping is just simply gross! Oh, did we mention that our nail polish applications are 5 and 10 free of the most common toxic chemicals found in most other nail polishes! To serve you better, we pour out our nail polish into a clean dish and use Disposable Brushes to stop the spread of infection for our guest.

Disposable Brush

So come in and relax while we make you look and feel beautiful…

after all, beauty doesn’t have to come with a DIRTY price!

Please Schedule your FREE consultation today and see how we can enhance YOUR beauty, skin and foot health needs. 

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