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Have you ever wanted to feel 10 years younger and wished you could lift the hands of time? As a Registered Practical Nurses, we provide the "NURSE EXPERIENCE". Owner, Fawn Meeking RPN has been providing LaSalle and Essex county with professional medical aesthetics, medical footcare and medical spa services using the most advanced technologies available. She takes pride in her reputation for customer service and for providing results that exceed her clients expectations.

A Step Above Wellness Centre specializes in skincare from head to toe… including medical foot care from basic, advanced, and diabetic assessment and preventative care. We offer medical pedicures using podiatry tools and offer toxin-free nail polish application and products to people of all ages. Our medical cosmetics spa offers natural results with non-invasive medical aesthetics, and corrective skincare services that include laser hair removal, body contouring, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, professional peels, advanced facials and other spa services.

We are happy to announce the newest addition to our amazing treatments and the most Revolutionizing Technology to treat urinary incontinence in men and women . Do you PEE when you laugh, cough, sneeze or does the thought of running and jumping make you anxious?  Can you control Bladder Urgency at summer pool parties? If this is you we need to talk! The first and only non-invasive treatment for urinary in continence. BTL EMSELLA, uses HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to stimulate all parts of the pelvic floor at once, enabling a single, 28-minute session to contract pelvic floor muscles thousands of times.

Just imagine 11,800 super maximal Kegel like contractions in 28 minutes! 

Come experience our "Kegel Thronre" a breakthrough treatment for incontinence, FDA and HC cleared urinary incontinence treatment, that allows you to remain fully clothed, it's a  Non-invasive, walk-in walk-out procedure.


Our mission is to empower patients with knowledge, choice,and alternatives

At A Step Above Wellness Centre, we maintain the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and experience, yet we are proud to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere. We truly go above and beyond for our patients. In addition to delivering unbelievable results, we provide you with realistic expectations, recommendations specifically catered to you personally, and overall outstanding customer service before, during and after your treatment. If you are looking for ways to better care for your skin at home, we offer only the best skin care products to complement our professional treatments.

say no to incontinence

The treatment for incontinence has never been easier. Sit comfortably, while fully clothed, and let the BTL EMSELLA "Kegel Throne" do all the work for you.


The philosophy behind A Step Above is to utilize the absolute best standard of equipment, treatments and services. We bring this together with industry best practices to achieve the most impactful, yet natural treatment outcomes to adhere to your concerns.

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To support our extensive range of skincare products, we have a selection of treatments to optimize your skin health. Each one designed to target a different skin concern. A Step Above represents a luxury choice that is a clinically, result driven approach to improving skin health.

foot massage

We strive to give you, our clients, the most up-to-date treatment options while performing them at the highest level of care. Please look around and learn more about our services and treatments.

Natural Results

THE MOST ADVANCED, NON-SURGICAL & NON-INVASIVE MEDICAL AESTHETIC THERAPIES & TREATMENTS TO ENSURE YOU LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST – The A Step Above result is both obvious yet natural. Everyone will notice, no-one will know!

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Complimentary Consultations

A Step Above Wellness Centre offers complimentary consultations to thoroughly educate clients before a decision is made on an aesthetic procedure. Not only does it allow us to get to know you, it allows us to honestly describe the process and results which may be achieved. Read more...

We look forward to hearing from you!