Superhuman Protocol

Are you ready to unlock your body's true potential and become a superhuman version of yourself?

The Superhuman Protocol is a revolutionary treatment that harnesses the power of three natural forces – Magnetism, Oxygen, and Light – to optimize your cellular health and promote overall wellness.

Treatment Benefits

Rejuvenates cells

Boosts immune system

Accelerates healing

How it Works

The cutting-edge Superhuman Protocol consisting of three vital steps, is designed to restore order and vitality to your body, providing you with unparalleled benefits no matter your age or physical condition.

Step 1: Magnetism (PEMF – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)

PEMF therapy facilitates cellular communication and self-healing mechanisms within the body. By lying on the PureWave device, you experience a profound cellular recharge, offering benefits such as accelerated healing and enhanced blood flow.

Step 2: Oxygen (EWOT – Exercise With Oxygen Training)

EWOT involves super-oxygenating the body for improved health. When done after PEMF, it becomes up to 30% more effective due to optimized oxygen absorption. This contributes to improved performance, enhanced immunity, and increased oxygen uptake.

Step 3: Light (TheraLight 360)

TheraLight 360 applies red and near-infrared light to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. It stimulates mitochondria to produce ATP, the cell’s energy currency, reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow and tissue growth stimulation.

The order of the protocol is crucial because it optimizes your body’s potential and enhances cellular health and overall wellness.

Each step has a profound impact on the next, creating a powerful synergy. Magnetism charges and separates cells, allowing optimal oxygen absorption during EWOT. Light therapy becomes more effective due to the additional oxygen and increased cellular surface space, promoting optimal light absorption and oxygen uptake.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The protocol is designed to benefit individuals of all ages and physical conditions. Whether you’re 80 years old or an athlete, the Superhuman Protocol can help you achieve better health and vitality.

No, the Superhuman Protocol is non-invasive and safe. It utilizes natural forces like magnetism, oxygen, and light, ensuring there are no harmful side effects associated with the treatment.

Each session’s duration may vary, but typically, the treatment can be completed within reasonable timeframes (35-45 minutes), making it convenient for even the busiest individuals.

The Superhuman Protocol offers a range of benefits, including rejuvenated cells, enhanced oxygen uptake, reduced inflammation, improved immune system, better athletic performance, and accelerated healing processes.

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