Medical Foot Care

Regardless of your age, having healthy feet is an essential element of good health

Many people think foot pain is normal, but it’s not. If your feet hurt, see a foot care nurse. These nurses are experts who specialise in feet and can help you keep them healthy. They can help you treat issues such as diabetes, arthritis, nerve problems, circulation problems, and even help with reaching your toes. Our goal is to provide you with top quality foot care and treatments that are tailored to your needs. Book a consultation for professional advice.

Treatment Benefits

Treat people of all ages and physical conditions

Professional treatments with compassion and dignity

Diabetic and general foot care treatments

How it works

At A Step Above Wellness Centre, we are dedicated foot-care nurse professionals, and are happy to provide foot care as an overall wellness and maintenance program for clients of all ages.

By providing quality foot care treatments that will benefit our patients, we put the focus on maintenance and prevention of foot and lower limb pathology, maintaining or improve mobility and lower limb function, relieving symptoms, as well as improving the overall quality of life of our patients.

We follow Health Canada’s Best Practice Safety Standards for Medical Reprocessing. What that means is, all our stainless-steel instruments are sanitized after each use on clients. They are cleaned in an enzymatic solution, they go through an ultrasonic bath, then clean tools are sealed in disposable sanitation pouches before being autoclaved. The sealed pouches are only opened by the Foot Nurse at the start of each service and sanding bands are never reused on the next client.

Based on your unique needs, an appointment may involve, feet and footwear assessment, neuropathy screening, corn & callus reduction, ingrowing toenail correction, professional nail cutting and filing, medical pedicures, wart, fungal nail & athlete’s foot treatment, dry/cracked skin treatment, lymphatic massage and a therapeutic foot rub.


Approximate session duration: 30 minutes.

Prices are subject to HST.

  • Basic $60
  • Advanced $60
  • Diabetic $60

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical foot care is a fantastic option for anyone or any age looking to improve their foot health and enjoy the benefits of healthy feet.

Medical foot care can help people living with diabetes, seniors, people with mobility challenges, back injuries, limited vision, athletes, people living with arthritis, poor circulation or nerve pain – any anyone looking to take better care of their feet.

During your first visit, we assess your foot health history, look for potential underlying disease, and review your current medications which may impact your foot health. This nursing assessment will help us understand your risk factors and identify foot problems.

Based on your individual needs, we create a treatment plan and start immediately on that plan.

You can expect your first appointment to take 60 minutes. Follow-up visits take approximately 30 minutes.

For maintenance we often recommend a treatment every six to eight weeks. These follow-up appointments are about 30 minutes in length.

We are proud to offer discreet, high-quality foot care treatments in a clean and relaxing environment.

Most patients describe the treatment as very enjoyable with no pain or expected downtime.

Medical foot care is covered by Green Shield and The Retired Teachers of Ontario health insurance. We do not do direct billing. Ask us for a receipt upon payment of your service and simply submit it to your insurance company.

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