Help For Healing

Need help with healing, detox, inflammation, pain, stiffness, heart health, or weight-loss?

Light therapy is a safe and effective drug-free option for reducing pain, treating injuries, and improving overall health. Our customized packages use Light Therapy as a stand-alone or in combination with other treatments. Schedule a consultation to determine the best option for your personal needs and goals.

Treatment Benefits

Non-invasive and drug-free

Removes toxins from the body

Enhances blood flow

How it works

Choose from two great technologies:

TheraLight 360 utilizes Low-Level Laser Technology (LLLT) to improve cell health, reduce inflammation, induce a chemical reaction in the mitochondria, and make you appear healthier and more youthful.

A FarInfrared Sauna uses non-harmful infrared light to benefit cells for pain relief, healing, damaged cell regeneration, and better blood circulation. It’s a deep, non-invasive, and painless option for better health.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Results depend upon your condition. When we meet with you for your consultation, we’ll be able to provide you with a more specific answer based on your challenges.

Be sure your skin is clean for maximum light absorption and that you are well hydrated.

It will feel quite warm and you may experience sweating and as a result a slight increase in your heat rate.

Yes, it is safe to resume your normal skin care routine or wear makeup after a session.

Light Therapy can be used a few times a week, with no side effects if used properly. It’s important to stay hydrated and allow your body to heal.

Additional treatment options

Find a package that suits your needs and goals.

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