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THE MOST ADVANCED, NON-SURGICAL MEDICAL AESTHETIC THERAPIES TO ENSURE YOU LOOK AND FEEL REVITALIZED – A Step Above Wellness Centre was founded by Registered Practical Nurse, Fawn Meeking who believes in a comprehensive approach to anti-aging and wellness from head to toe...The philosophy behind A Step Above is to utilise the absolute best standard of equipment, treatments and services. We bring this together with industry best practices to achieve the most impactful, yet natural treatment outcomes to adhere to your concerns. The A Step Above result is both obvious yet invisible. Everyone will notice, no-one will know.


By integrating beauty and physical well-being through state-of-the-art technology, we will assess, educate & inspire you to make the most of whatever age you're at. With a comprehensive menu of results-oriented treatments, our holistic approach provides treatment options that combine medical-grade botanicals with the latest innovations in pharmaceuticals and aesthetic treatments, safely and effectively. Whether you want to look and feel years younger by erasing sun damage, brown spots, broken blood vessels, fine lines and wrinkles or want to tighten your skin on your face or body, or you want to strengthen and rebuild the entire musculature of the entire pelvic floor, A Step Above has the team of professionals ready to take care of your individual needs. Look and feel 10 years younger without surgery, scarring and downtime!

We are also pleased to offer Advanced Nursing Foot Care, Diabetic Foot Care and Medical Pedicures. Using only the best state of the art podiatry tools and equipment. Our medical pedicures use nail polishes that are free from the topmost harmful chemicals found in other nail polishes. We also pour out the nail polish and use disposable brushes making the most environmentally sensitive client free to enjoy some one on one pampering.

Get started on the path to your healthiest & most beautiful skin ever. Call 519.970.9006 to book your complimentary consultation today! 

Our mission is to empower patients with knowledge, choice,and alternatives

Consultations are complimentary and individualized to each specific client and are strictly confidential.

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