Introducing the BTL Emsella Chair

The revolutionary and non-surgical treatment for incontinence

How it works

Discover the technology behind BTL Emsella Chair and the benefits it offers for improving pelvic floor health

BTL Emsella Chair is an innovative, non-surgical treatment for incontinence, using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. Unlike traditional Kegel exercises, BTL Emsella works by generating electromagnetic currents which create a magnetic field around the pelvic floor, triggering intense contractions that give the muscles an intense workout. This supramaximal level of contraction is the equivalent of over 11,000 Kegel exercises per treatment, strengthening and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. This procedure helps to not only strengthen existing muscles but also build new muscle fibres and stimulate proteins. 

The treatment is FDA approved and has no recovery time or downtime, meaning you won’t have to undress or take time away from your day-to-day activities to get the treatment. It also helps to create new muscle fibres and proteins, as well as improving the connection between your pelvic floor muscles and the brain, helping you to prevent leaks in the future.

BTL Emsella provides a safe and comfortable alternative to many other treatments for incontinence, allowing you to get back to living life to the fullest without the worry of embarrassing leaks.

Experience the Transformative Power of BTL Emsella Chair

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