Core to Floor
Pelvic + Abdomen

Are you looking for an Non-Invasive Whole Core Treatment to enhance your stability, posture, as well as decrease bladder leakage or urgency?

We use two technologies that have a positive impact on your “core-to-floor” area. While it is a great option for men and women of all ages (including Mommy Makeovers and Dad Bods be Gone!), strengthening your core and pelvic floor has been shown to be very effective in helping older adults to reduce urinary frequency and urgency. Additionally, improved core strength can help prevent falls.

Treatment Benefits

25% less fat and 30% stronger core muscles

95% success rate for incontinence challenges

Non-surgical, non-invasive, and no downtime

How it works

This package includes two technologies:

BTL Emsella Chair – otherwise known as “The Kegel Throne” uses powerful electromagnetic technology for building real muscle and strength to your pelvic floor. A 28-minute session is the equivalent of 12,000 “manual” Kegel exercises!

BTL Emsculpt NEO – utilizes electromagnetic energy to help your muscles contract in ways you can’t do in the gym or by yourself. Through this technology, you can benefit from increased core strength and other benefits, such as injury prevention and rehabilitation to posture, back pain management, and muscle and strength maintenance.

Experience the Core & Pelvic Floor Strengthening Treatment


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  • Core to Floor Consultation $300

    Consultation fee waived with purchase of package

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a man or a woman experiencing urinary challenges such as increased frequency or urgency and could use improved stability and core strength, then you are likely a good candidate! When we meet with you for your consultation, we take the time to learn about your medical history and goals to determine the best course of action.

You may notice an improvement with incontinence and your pelvic health immediately, or after two to three treatments. For core strengthening by BTL Emsculpt® you will likely realize results 3 months after the fourth treatment.

BLT Emsculpt® – You will feel intense muscle contractions along with a warm sensation in the treatment area which many people compare to a hot stone massage.

BTL Emsella – Most patients feel a gentle, but comfortable tingling sensation in their pelvic area.

No, there is no downtime or side effects and you can resume your normal activities immediately after a treatment session.

Additional treatment options

Find a package that suits your needs and goals. 

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