3D Body Composition

Feedback and results you can measure!

Scales may not show your true progress as you could be gaining muscle, losing inches, and fitting into clothes better. 3D body composition is informative and motivating as it shows changes from all angles. Get assessed regularly and receive advice about good diet and exercise plans from A Step Above team member.

Treatment Benefits

Set goals and track your results over time

Report includes visceral fat, bone mass and more

The scan takes only 35 seconds

How it works

Styku measures body circumference and uses a complex equation to calculate an accurate prediction of body fat percentage. In less than one minute, this amazing piece of technology scans your entire body in a 360-degree view. The software then transforms these scans to create a complete 3D image of your body and provides a wealth of useful feedback, including bone density, muscle quality, muscle mass, visceral fat and more!

Transform Your Look


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to understand your body composition or establish a baseline for your health and physical goals, our 3D body composition scanner is perfect for you!

The sensor used in the Styku scanner emits harmless infrared light, similar to that used in a remote control. It is completely non-invasive and safe for everyone to use.

For best results, we ask that you wear form-revealing clothing, and make sure hair is tied up off of the neck and shoulders.

Moments after your scan is complete, A Step Above Wellness Centre team member will sit down with you to interpret and evaluate your results and provide the appropriate recommendations based on your personal goals. Results are saved, can be accessed by email, and can be tracked with ongoing, routine assessments.

Additional treatment options

Find a package that suits your needs and goals.

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