A Super Charged Workout For New Moms

Exercise With Oxygen Training EWOT New Moms

Hey there, new moms!

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and well-being after giving birth, we’ve got just the thing for you: exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT). This fantastic practice involves breathing in higher levels of oxygen-enriched air while exercising, and it has some incredible benefits!

You know that after giving birth, your body goes through a lot of changes and experiences stress. Sometimes, this can affect how your red blood cells carry oxygen, which means that certain areas of your body might not get the needed oxygen. This can lead to swelling and discomfort and can slow down your body’s healing process.

But don’t worry! EWOT can help with that. By incorporating this technique into your exercise routine, you’ll be saturating your red blood cells and blood plasma with oxygen, which will help reduce swelling and promote faster healing. It’s like giving your body a big boost of healing power!

And that’s not all – EWOT has many other benefits as well. It can help you recover from any stress-related illnesses you might have experienced during pregnancy or childbirth. Plus, it can prevent age-related diseases by ensuring your cells and tissues have the oxygen they need to function at their best.

Did you know that EWOT can even help reverse the ageing process? When you increase the oxygenation of your body, you’ll be supporting your overall health and vitality. Your immune system will get a boost, your metabolism will speed up, and you’ll have more energy than ever before.

Oh, and if you’re looking to shed some of that post-pregnancy weight, EWOT can help with that, too. By exercising while breathing in oxygen-enriched air, you’ll be firing up your metabolism and potentially losing weight. It’s a win-win-win!

So, new moms, why not give exercise with oxygen therapy a try? By increasing oxygenation, recovering from stress-related illnesses, preventing age-related diseases, reversing the ageing process, boosting your immune system and metabolism, enhancing your athletic performance, and potentially aiding in weight loss, EWOT offers a whole package of benefits for your overall well-being.

Give it a go and feel the amazing difference for yourself. You deserve it, super moms! Reach out to us to book your consultation 519-970-9006 or click here to book online.

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