Bridging the Gap in Women’s Health

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Globally, women’s health concerns are too often neglected, dismissed, and overlooked. Traditional healthcare guidelines frequently fail to account for the gender-based differences that influence women’s health, treatment options, and outcomes. This lack of consideration, coupled with limited and often conflicting research, has led to widespread misinformation and a lack of public awareness about women’s health. This disparity is frequently referred to as the ‘health gap,’ and it is even more pronounced for women from marginalized communities with diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations, or gender identities.

Why Does This Happen?

For many decades, women’s health has suffered from chronic underfunding and a glaring lack of research. Historically, medical research excluded women due to concerns over ‘hormonal complexity’ and potential impacts on fertility. It wasn’t until 1993 that the U.S. government mandated the inclusion of women and minorities in clinical studies. The reality is that most medications used today were developed before this vital policy change, which may explain why approximately 75% of adverse events from prescription medications occur in women. Since translating research into clinical practice can take decades, we are only beginning to see evidence emerging to support women’s health effectively.

Many women accept their health experiences as ‘normal’ without realizing an underlying diagnosis might explain their symptoms. Even worse, some women are deeply concerned by persistent symptoms but feel dismissed by healthcare professionals. Below is a non-exhaustive list of common symptoms women face:

* Bloating

* Pelvic pain

* Weight fluctuations 

* Fatigue

* Weakness/dizziness

* Nausea/indigestion

* Brain fog/difficulty concentrating

* Mood swings

* Increased anxiety

* Low sex drive

* Uncontrolled leakage of urine

* Post-menopausal bleeding

* Pain or bleeding during/after intercourse

Here at A Step Above Wellness Centre, we encourage women to listen to their bodies and seek professional advice if they experience symptoms. We stand ready to support you in your journey toward better health and understanding. Let’s bridge the health gap together.

We are proud to offer so many therapies to help women of all ages feel their best during all stages of life. Please click here to learn more, or reach out to us to book your consultation: 519-970-9006

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