Help for Incontinence

The BTL Emsella Chair is a solution for urinary incontinence for men and women

Do you avoid activities or social events because of your condition? Is this affecting your quality of life? We have great news – there is a way to get a handle on these symptoms so they no longer control your life. The BTL Emsella Chair is a solution for urinary incontinence for men and women.

Treatment Benefits

30 minutes, comfortable, fully-clothed

Treatment with 95% success rate

Non-invasive, painless and no downtime

How it works

Experience little to no discomfort as you enjoy your Emsella treatment while fully clothed. This device delivers high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to your pelvic floor muscles, which causes them to contract and tighten. In just one half-hour, you’re receiving the equivalent of 11,800 Kegel exercises, making it an effective way to improve symptoms of urinary incontinence. Many patients report positive results after only one or two sessions.


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  • Session (Non-Membership) $300

    Most require a protocol of 6-8 sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

This revolutionary device treats bladder control issues caused by: Pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, prostate issues, advanced age, digestive disorders, obesity and more. The treatments are completely painless and can help people of all ages.

Generally, people start seeing improvements after the first or second session, and the most significant changes may be noticeable by the sixth session. We strive to provide the best possible results for each individual, customizing the treatment plan to meet their particular needs.

The treatments are completely comfortable and painless. Each session of treatment typically takes about 30 minutes and you can resume your regular activities immediately after. During the treatment, you will experience strong, yet comfortable, contractions of your pelvic floor muscles.

We recommend wearing loose flexible and comfortable clothing and avoid jeans or tight pants.

Additional treatment options

We’ll talk to you to get to know your problems, your way of life, and teach you about our treatments. Then we’ll suggest the best plan for you. Also, we can tell you about other options that might fit what you want.

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